The Best Campervan Sink Options for Your Van Build in 2022

Are you searching for a campervan sink for your van conversion or remodel? In this post, we have put together a list of the best campervan sinks for your van along with the pros and cons of each product we recommend. 

In van life, your campervan is your home away from home. And it is likely that you are constantly looking to add as much comfort as possible with all the campervan essentials you can. From coffee makers, heaters, mattresses and all sorts of knick-knacks, home on the road is what you make it.  

Although it is probably a small and cramped space, the kitchen is an important feature to your van conversion. And whether you invest in a stove or oven or other kitchen appliances and accessories, one thing that is vital to your kitchen is a sink.

The kitchen sink is easily the most used accessory in a campervan. We use it to wash dishes, rinse fruit and vegetables and sometimes to store things when driving. 

Campervans have limited space and sinks come with many space-saving options like a foldable faucet, stove combo and lid. Other than size, there are many other factors to consider. 

In this post, we review the best campervan sink ideas. We will take you through some of the best sinks for your camper van conversion and give you a comprehensive guide on selecting the best campervan sink.  

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Editor’s Choice: Ruvati Workstation Drop-in Bar Prep Sink with Chopping Board

You will be hard-pressed to find anyone in van life who spends any amount of time in cold climates without this easy-to-use and reasonably priced portable heater.

Hook it up to a 20 lb propane tank or portable canisters and you’re ready to go.

With multiple heat settings and an automatic shutoff in the event it tips over, you can rest easy enjoying the warmth of your van while the winter world passes outside you.

Best Campervan Sinks

Here are the best campervan sinks. We have evaluated each of these in terms of size, quality, price, aesthetics, type and space-spacing features.





Ruvati Drop-in Top Mount Bar Prep Sink

  • Beautiful appearance and easy to mount

  • Comes with noise dampening padding

  • Handy strainer basket

  • The bottom can get scratched easily

  • Pricey


Orlando Undermount Single Bowl Sink

  • Durable 18-gauge stainless steel construction

  • Ample soundproofing

  • Curved corners for easy cleaning

  • The bottom can get scratched easily


Dometic Combination Sink/Stove with Glass Lid

  • Solid and functional stove & sink combo.

  • Takes almost equal space as regular sinks

  • Convenient glass top

  • Valve hole is relatively big so a standard valve will not fit perfectly

  • Does not come with a faucet


Ruvati Workstation Drop-in Bar Prep Sink with Chopping Board

  • Sleek and modern appearance

  • Big 20-inch sink

  • Practical free accessories

  • Mount clamps are weak and easy to bend

  • Sharp corners are hard to clean


Ufaucet Above Counter Ceramic Vessel Sink

  • Minimal ceramic body

  • Large drain hole

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Not a high quality made sink and may wobble


RecPro RV Sink

  • Lightweight dense and solid basin

  • Hydrophobic coating helps with fading.

  • 500°C temperature rating

  • Small in size

  • Can be damaged by using steel wool

  • May experience staining


Ruvati Bathroom Vessel Sink

  • Smooth finish to quickly drain water

  • Stain-resistant finish

  • Popular and trusted brand

  • Pop up drain has to be purchased seperately


Dayton Double Bowl Drop-in Stainless Steel Sink

  • Perfect for large campervans

  • Multiple configurations

  • Unique U-channel installation reduces the under-sink installation time.

  • 18-gauge stainless steel construction

  • No accessories included

  • Finish scratches easily

Best Overall: Ruvati Drop-in Top Mount Bar Prep Sink

Ruvati drop-in is a perfect campervan sink with soundproof padding, brushed stainless steel construction and a beautiful appearance.

It has stainless steel construction, with a 16-gauge thick body and 8-gauge rims for a perfect top mount fit.

The compact sink is 9-inch deep and 13-inch wide. It has 90° inside corners and channel grooves for a modern and aesthetic appearance and easy wastewater drainage.   

Moreover, the included practical accessories are pretty handy. It comes with a basket strainer drain to protect the water system from clogging and a bottom rinse dish grid to cover the bottom against scratches. 


  • Beautiful appearance and easy to mount.
  • Noise dampening padding.
  • Handy strainer basket drain.


  • The bottom can get scratched easily.
  • Pricey

Best Undermount: Orlando Undermount Single Bowl Sink

Orlando is a basic under-mount, single tub sink. It is 15-inch wide and 7-inch deep with a beautiful brushed satin finish.

Unlike Ruvati, it has curved corners that are easy to clean and allow total gray water drainage. The rectangular sink has an 18-gauge stainless steel composition.

This model is made from thicker stainless-steel sheets and offers better durability and corrosion protection.

Orlando’s under-mount sink also has sound dampening padding. It reduces the sound of running water and lessens the moisture buildup. The top is coated with anti-condensation spray to reduce moisture.

It also comes with a strainer basket to catch food debris.


  • Durable 18-gauge stainless steel construction.
  • Ample soundproofing.
  • Curved corners for easy cleaning.


  • The bottom can get scratched easily.

Best Combination Sink: Dometic Combination Sink/Stove with Glass Lid

The Dometic stove combo is a space-saving option for a camper van. It has two burners with easy-to-clean detachable pan grids.

The stove needs a 12V electrical supply to light and runs on propane gas. The sink is placed on the right side, which is 6 inches deep, with a faucet hole.

It’s convenient to use foldable faucets because of the glass lid. The combo does not take a lot of counter space. In total it is 17 inches wide and 26 inches long. 

The heat-resistant safety glass lid protects you from the heat, looks visually appealing and can work as a tabletop for preparing meals. The kitchen sink comes with a siphon and rubber seal to ensure a tight and waterproof bond. 


  • Solid and functional stove sink combo.
  • Takes almost equal space as regular sinks.
  • Convenient glass top.


  • Valve hole is relatively big so a standard valve will not fit perfectly.
  • Does not come with a faucet

Largest Sink: Ruvati Workstation Drop-in Bar Prep Sink with Chopping Board

Ruvati workstation is a functional sink for your tiny home. It comes with useful accessories and an extra workspace to save counter space.

The sink has a wood cutting board lid for preparing food and a colander to store and wash vegetables in the sink. 

The conversion sink has a similar setup to the other Ruvati sink we mentioned earlier. It is made from brushed stainless steel, with an 8-gauge thickness on the rims and a 16-gauge body with a faucet or tap hole.

The larger sink is 15-inch wide and 20-inch long, while the depth is 10-inch. So, it will take a bit more space than other sinks.

In the box, you will get the bottom rinse grid, deep basket strainer drain assembly, cutout template and mounting clips.


  • Sleek and modern appearance.
  • Big 20-inch sink
  • Practical free accessories.


  • Mount clamps are weak and easy to bend.
  • Sharp corners are hard to clean. 

Best Budget Sink: Ufaucet Above Counter Ceramic Vessel Sink

Ufaucet is a sleek white ceramic countertop sink. It is one of the best camper van sink ideas. At 19 inches long, 14 inches wide and 5.25 inches deep it provides a modern aesthetic to the camper van.

This premium ceramic sink is easy to clean and maintain. The smooth and non-porous surface is double fired for strength and durability.

The center wastewater drain hole is 1.75 inches wide, and there is no faucet or overflow hole as it is to be used as a vessel sink. This sink can also be installed like an undermount sink with the front exposed, and voila, you have a budget farmhouse style sink!


  • Minimal ceramic body.
  • Large drain hole.
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Not a high quality made sink and may wobble

Best RV Sink: RecPro RV Sink

This 15″ x 13″ RV sink by RecPro is a simple but easy-to-install campervan sink. Available in either black or white to match your van interior, the sink is pretty heavy-duty all things considered.

It is resistant to both cracking and melting to temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Further, its single-basin structure has a hydrophobic coating to make it less inclined to absorb water and adding years to its life.

Maintenance is also pretty straightforward. Don’t use steel wool to clean it and don’t leave anything that may stain it in the sink for too long, such as coffee, tea or soda.

But do not that it is only 5 inches deep and feels more like it’s made from a think plastic than a hardy material.


  • Lightweight dense and solid basin.
  • Hydrophobic coating helps with fading.
  • 500°C temperature rating.


  • Small in size.
  • Can be damaged by using steel wool
  • May experience staining 

Best Vessel Sink: Ruvati Bathroom Vessel Sink

If you are wondering why we have three Ruvati camper van sinks it is because Ruvati is a leading kitchen and bath fixtures manufacturer known for their high quality and long-lasting products. The porcelain bathroom vessel sink is another example of its exceptional quality.

The rectangular ceramic sink is highly durable with a smooth, non-porous finish. It has a glossy white polished basin that resists stains.

The ergonomic sink design and wide drain hole efficiently drain the water and keep it clean and dry. The simple appearance will perfectly complement almost every van interior.


  • Smooth finish to quickly drain water.
  • Stain-resistant body.
  • Popular and trusted brand.


  • Pop up drain has to be purchased seperately

Best Double Sink: Dayton Double Bowl Drop-in Stainless Steel Sink

Dayton D25194 is the only double sink on our list. It comes in three styles – one, three or four holes which can be used for soap dispensers and faucets, allowing you to have individual taps for each bowl or a rotatable for both.

Both bowls have the same size, so you can use them any way you want. Moreover, the drain hose is off-center for optimal sink space usage.

It has stainless steel construction for durability and reliability. Like most other stainless-steel sinks, it also has sound dampening padding to reduce noise and moisture.

Other sinks struggle to provide high-quality mounts, but Dayton has a unique U-channel installation that allows you to clip mounts before dropping in.


  • Perfect for large campervans.
  • Multiple configurations.
  • Unique U-channel installation reduces the under-sink installation time.
  • 18-gauge stainless steel construction.


  • No accessories included
  • Finish scratches easily

How to Choose the Best Campervan Sink?

There are many campervan sink ideas as sinks are available in many different sizes and configurations. So, choosing the best one can be pretty complex.

So, here are the factors that will help you in selecting the best RV sinks.

Type of Sink Options

Combination Stove and Sink

The best campervan sink featuring a combo sink and two burner stove top in a small van

This type of van sink has the most functional and practical design for van living. It uses a limited area and enables you to cook a meal and for washing pots. It is an ideal choice for a small camper van because of its practical design and usability.

Standard RV Sink

Standard or basic camper van sinks are not much different. They are available in many shapes and styles and come with stainless steel, porcelain or copper finish. Moreover, they have integrated drains to connect to your gray water tank and faucets.

Compact sink

Compact sinks are space savers and multi-functional options. They have handy lids that can be used as tabletop or food preparing areas. Some compact sinks also have foldable taps that hide under the cover.

The tops can be glass, wooden or metallic. They are great for any van because of their dual functionality.

Double Sink

Double sinks provide complete home-like luxury. Typically they provide more space and are deeper, allowing you to use the sink in multiple ways. Whether washing dishes on one side and drying on the other or stacking dirty dishes until the entire sink is full, a double sink is a great option for any van conversion. 

Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks are raised and sit on the countertop.  They typically have ceramic construction and are available in various different styles and colors. This type of sink is usually more for aesthetics than function in van living. 

Portable Sink

It is an excellent option for weekend campers. It doesn’t require any plumbing to your camper van water system and works as well as other sinks.

This option is more of a DIY sink because you may need to create a custom solution between your freshwater tank, van sink and grey water tank. 


Size is a crucial consideration and small sinks tend to be the best for van life. Space is limited in a camper van and you may not want to give up extra room in your van for a fancy sink.

A small sink connected to your fresh water tank with a simple water pump will go a long way in any van, especially off-grid.

Small kitchen in a van includes a two burner stove and a separate small sink with a faucet

Installation Type

There are two basic types of installation methods when it comes to campervan sinks.


Drop-in sinks are as they sound and the easiest to install. You cut a hole in your countertop and simply put it in place, screw the mounts, and you are good to go. The edges of the sink above the counter. 


Undermount is slightly difficult to install, and you might have to get professional help. These sinks sit flush with the edge of the counter, thus providing additional counter space.

Finishing and Construction.

These are two critical factors. Look for a rustproof, stain-resistant sink for longevity. Campervan sinks are sure to take a beating and you’ll want one that will hold up to the bumps and scratches along the way.

Moreover, finishing will enhance the van’s interior. The best sinks for RV living will combine function and aesthetics to give you that “at-home” look and feel.

Other Components to Consider

A round vessel and faucet

A van sink is only part of the water system in a van. You will need to consider how you will pump water from your water source to your tap and back down into a gray tank.


A vital partner to a sink is a faucet. The faucet delivers water from the fresh water tank or water container to your sink usually by way of an electric pump, foot pump or hand pump.

There are foldable faucets to save some space and accommodate the lids of compact sinks and even combos that provide soap dispenser options as well.

Water Pump

Campervan and RV water pumps are available in two types: electrical and manual. An electric pump will simply draw the water from the water tanks to the faucet with a flick of a switch.

The manual water pump is available in different configurations like foot pump and hand pump. With foot pumps, you can pump water by pressing the lever with your foot.

Likewise, a hand pump is popular in van life because of the simplicity in simply pushing a handle back and forth to draw water from your water tanks. 

Wrapping Up

While sinks are not the most glamorous aspects of van life, they are important. And by now we hope you are capable of making an informed purchase decision when it comes to sink options for your camper conversion.

If you don’t have a favorite yet, we point you back to ours: the Ruvati work station drop-in sink. Simple, easy to install and incredibly practical for camper van living. You can’t go wrong with this pick!

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