Man and woman pose standing outside of their converted camper van

Meet Rich and Robin From OurMidLifeVan

Rich and Robin are in their mid-50s and hail from Lake Elsinore California. For the past 3 years, they have lived mostly full-time in their 2014 Promaster 3500 van with the 159″ wheelbase, which they built out themselves. Rich and …

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Man and woman standing outside of an old Motel with their camper van parked in the background

Meet Dakota and Aurora From The Wisconsinites

Dakota and Aurora are a couple from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in their mid-twenties that have been traveling in their 1989 Dodge B250 Xplorer van full time since May 2021. Previously, Aurora was a Registered Nurse & worked in a NeuroSurgical ICU. …

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Meet Katy From the.states.of.the.nation!

Katy (38) is a psychologist from San Diego, CA who travels solo in her 2021 RAM ProMaster. She lives in her van full time and has been doing so since February 2022. Previously, she was living in San Diego and …

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A man and a woman laying on a roof deck on top of a camper van

Meet Jess & Shawn From CRUX and Beta

Jess (34) and Shawn (41) are from Colorado and purchased their 2019 RAM Promaster van in August of 2019 and spent 8 months on the build. While working full time jobs, they spent evenings and weekends on this project to …

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Meet Andy & Laur!

Andy and Laur are in their early 30s and have started living in a van out of their former home in New York City. They live full time in their Ram Promaster 3500 Extended in their van and have been …

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Meet Lita and Dylan of LitaOfThePack

Lita and Dylan are in their late-twenties pursuing van life in a 2019 Dodge Promaster with a 159-inch wheelbase. Van life became the perfect way to fulfill both of their dreams. Lita has always been an avid traveler and she …

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Meet Anthony and Sharon with The Bearded Van

Anthony and Sharon are a couple in their mid-thirties from Amish Country Ohio who have recently taken to the road in their custom-built DIY van conversion. Along with Gunner, their 1-year old pup, they have chosen this lifestyle at this …

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Two Women sitting in the doorway of a van

Meet Ami and Gwyn of Big Gay Advanture!

Ami and Gwyn are in their early thirties and have dipped their toes into van life by building out a 2019 Ram Promaster with a 159-inch wheelbase. Based in California, they use their van for weekend getaways. As they become …

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A couple poses outside of their self built van that they live in

Meet Lauren and Jon with Stella.The.Van

Lauren and Jon are a couple in their mid-twenties that have set off from their home base in Atlanta to pursue #vanlife as an exciting next chapter of their lives. Previously, they were both full-time students. Now Lauren lives in …

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