Meet Anthony and Sharon with The Bearded Van

Anthony and Sharon are a couple in their mid-thirties from Amish Country Ohio who have recently taken to the road in their custom-built DIY van conversion. Along with Gunner, their 1-year old pup, they have chosen this lifestyle at this …

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Two Women sitting in the doorway of a van

Meet Ami and Gwyn of Big Gay Advanture!

Ami and Gwyn are in their early thirties and have dipped their toes into van life by building out a 2019 Ram Promaster with a 159-inch wheelbase. Based in California, they use their van for weekend getaways. As they become …

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A couple poses outside of their self built van that they live in

Meet Lauren and Jon with Stella.The.Van

Lauren and Jon are a couple in their mid-twenties that have set off from their home base in Atlanta to pursue #vanlife as an exciting next chapter of their lives. Previously, they were both full-time students. Now Lauren lives in …

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