About Us

Hi, we’re Chris and Lindsay and since 2016 we’ve been van life junkies as documented through our primary website Called To Wander. After extensively researching the perfect vehicle for our dream to drive from Alaska to Argentina, we decided at the last minute against building a van because we didn’t really have a clue about what we were doing.

Now that we’ve spent over 4 years living full-time in several different RVs we have an idea of what we’d want in the perfect van build. So we’re on the hunt to learn everything we would need to know in order to build the ultimate van for #VanLife.

Join us as we share what we’ve learned and continue to learn about the ultimate van build as we connect with other van dwellers and learn from them how to make the most of van life! 

We love all things related to #VanLife and want to make sure that you have the most information, the best inspiration and feel like you are well-equipped to bring meaning to your #VanLife!

Be sure to check out other resources on our site and let us know what other info we can provide to make your experience on the road better!