Van Life Movement

Van Life is a movement that has taken hold among young and old, those with much and not-so-much, couples, solo travelers and even families on the road. It doesn’t matter whether you live out of a car, van, skoolie or RV – van life is a minimalistic way of living an alternative lifestyle that fills you with incredible experiences and memories along the way.

Van Life Movement is an inclusive community that promotes responsibility, sustainability and practical living advice for making the most of life on the road.

Whether you’re interested in joining the Van Life Movement, are already on the road or are perhaps looking at options for how to better live #VanLife then know that we’ve built this site for you.

We’ve traveled nearly 100,000 miles across the North American continent since 2018 learning the best practices for building vans, living on a budget and exploring some of the most beautiful places. And we realized along the way that there is always a better way to #VanLife.

We’re here to help you make the most of #VanLife so that we can all continue to enjoy the adventures on the road. Be sure to check out our guides, Van Life how-to resources and stories from the road!

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Van Life Living

Everything you need to know about how to make the most of #VanLife living!

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Van Life Community

Read the advice of other Van Lifers from all walks of life and learn how they make the most of #VanLife.

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Van Life Gear

Learn about everything you need to have in your van to make #VanLife amazing!

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Van Build

Prepare yourself for a rewarding build-out by studying the literal nuts and bolts of converting your own van!

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Van Life Blog

Find out more about life on the road for more inspiration on where to go and how to live your best #VanLife!

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